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Ship’s News

2021 Reunion - Hopefully, we will be over this COVID pandemic snd we can enjoy reuniting with our CONYNGHAM family in September.
Reunion information can be found in the January issue of the PRIVATEER - available for viewing here or check out the "REUNION INFO" off the main menu.

Reunion was a geat success!

26 December, 2018 - Jacksonville, Florida Group fails to get the USS ADAMS (DDG-2)
Jacksonville Florida Group fails to get USS ADAMS (DDG-2)story here.
USS ADAMS (DDG-2) being towed to Brownsville for scrap.

17 March, 2015 - Jacksonville, Florida Group gets the USS ADAMS (DDG-2)

The Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association has announced that the Navy has transferred stewardship of the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) to them for the creation of a museum on the Jacksonville waterfront. The announcement comes after 9 long years of hard work by the association to acquire the ship. A very big “Bravo Zulu” to the JHNSA and the ACVA in achieving their goal! The ship will represent and honor all the ships in the ADAMS Class and the men who served on them.

The ship will be towed from Philadelphia to Jacksonville sometime in June and will then be refurbished enough to have its opening day on Veterans Day of this year. Restoring the ship to both internal and external viewing will be an ongoing process that may take years to complete. Their plan is to open each section of the ship for viewing as they complete its restoration.

The JHNSA’s big need right now is money for the towing, dry docking, berthing and restoration. The Association has started a fund raising effort for those purposes. All you have to do to donate to this worthy cause is to click on the following link.


Once on the website you will have an opportunity to view an excellent video that explains why this project was started and why it is so important to preserving our Naval Heritage.

CONYNGHAM Supports the ADAMS Museum

The CONYNGHAM Association supports the efforts of the ADAMS Class Veterans Association and the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association in their efforts to establish the USS Charles F. ADAMS as a floating ship museum in Jacksonville, Florida. Our Association has donated significant funds in the purchase of two hull plates, gifts of additional dollars and individual contributions from CONYNGHAM shipmates.


Should you wish to learn more about the project and/or contribute to the effort there are two websites you can access:

Ship’s Store is Now Open
The Ship’s Store is open once again after a brief shutdown due to unforeseeable circumstances. To check out available CONYNGHAM Memorabilia products click on the “Ships Store” Button on the home page of this website. For ordering products follow the instructions on the store page.

February 5, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida

Today the Conyngham Association loaned its model of the “Gus Boat” to the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association for display in their ADAMS Class Museum and Ships Store. It was determined by the CONYNGHAM Association’s Executive Committee that since it is not feasible to transport the model to our annual reunions, it would be great if we could find a place where others could view our ship. As the JHNSA Museum is dedicated to ADAMS Class DDGs, it appeared to be a perfect fit. The JHNSA was excited about our offer and readily agreed to accepting the ship. The model is now proudly displayed in the front window of the museum and is one of its main attractions.

Accepting the loan of the CONYNGHAM model solves a problem for the JHNSA. They have a model of the ADAMS in the museum but it also functions as a travelling exhibit for fund raising events. Having two models ensures the museum will have at least one for display at all times. The CONYNGHAM more than fills that need.

The museum’s main purposes are to educated the public on the effort to bring the ADAMS to Jacksonville and to provide a location to display DDG equipment donated by the navy for ADAMS refurbishment. It is a requirement of NAVSEA that donated equipment be placed on public display. Many of the items displayed really take you back to your time on board the CONYNGHAM.

On a side note, The ships store has what they claim is the largest inventory of military caps in the USA. That may well be true. They have caps for all branches of service, various theatres of operations and military units. If you are looking for a particular cap you might want to give them a call.

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